Located in the most indented part of the Adriatic Sea, and the area with the largest number of islands and several national and nature parks, Biograd is an ideal starting point for sailors. It has a modern marina with 1,000 sea berths and 200 land berths, a yacht service, guarded parking for approximately 700 cars and other additional services.

Several charter agencies and a sailing club operate in the Biograd area. The best sailing period in Croatia is between April and October due to the sunny weather and appropriate sea temperature for swimming. The entire archipelago of Biograd is perfect for sailing since it has mild tidal movements and weak sea currents. The greatest problems for sailors are innumerable reefs, islets and promontories, while the winter winds can reach hurricane status. The entire archipelago is excellent for sailing, but the Kornati archipelago, with more than 150 islands, islets and cliffs, is likely to be one of the most attractive sailing destinations in the entire world. You can reach the Kornati islands by passing the southern part of Pašman Island, through the passage Ždrelac between Pašman and Ugljan islands. Another way is to sail along the northern side of the island of Ugljan. The largest island of this group is Kornat with its bays Opat, Kravljacica, Vruje, Striznja and Lucica. On the Island Zut, which stretches parallel to Kornat, there is a SACI Marina, and bays Bizikovica, Golubovac, Pinizel, Sabuni, Dragišina and Zesnja.
We strongly recommend that you visit the nature park Telašica located on the southern part of Dugi Otok. Its bays hide numerous taverns with local cuisine, such as freshly caught fish and sea food. Taverns especially praised by seafarers are Piccolo in Lojena Bay on the island Smokvica Vela, Quattro in Striznja Bay and Ante in Vruja on Kornat.