The sea around Biograd is an ideal destination for diving experts, enthusiasts, and for those taking their first steps in the exploration of sea depths. When it comes to scuba diving, many experienced divers find this area very attractive since it is characterized by an extremely diverse seabed and innumerable natural phenomena.
The archipelago of northern Dalmatia spreads over an area which includes Biograd, island of Pag to the north, islands of Premuda, Ist, Molat, Silba, Dugi otok, Ugljan and Pašman, as well as the Kornati islands on the southern end.
The sea along the outer sides of the islands is often deep up to 50 meters; the outer cliffs of Dugi otok and Kornati islands go into the sea as deep as 80 meters. These depths allow the marine flora and fauna to flourish. The waters on the inner sides of the islands are usually shallower and therefore less abundant with sea life, but they are nevertheless interesting.
What differentiates the sea in this archipelago is that no matter the weather you can find a diving spot sheltered from the wind and waves. The visibility is exceptional, going over 40 metres. Besides this, it abounds in sea walls, reefs and caves teeming with fish which makes it an ideal spot for lovers of nature photography. Note that you need to obtain a special diving licence to dive inside the Telašćica Nature Park and Kornati National Park. It is also advisable to take an experienced tour guide with you when exploring the waters of natural parks and avoid going alone. Needless to say, these sites are not suitable for amateur divers.
The city of Biograd features three scuba diving centres which provide diving courses and organise diving excursions to the neighbouring coastal areas as well as more distant sites. The Albamaris Diving Centre, which organizes diving courses for beginners and advanced divers, is located on the beach Dražica, next to a big waterslide. The centre is also open in winter so that you can arrange diving expeditions all year round. INFO: www.albamaris.hr
Boungainville diving center is located near beach Kumenat, more INFO: www.bougainville.at

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