Zrmanja river Canyon

Zrmanja River has penetrated its way towards the sea for many centuries and by breaking carbonate based grounds, created one of the most impressive canyons in Croatia.

Therefore it was protected as a significant landscape attracting a great number of nature lovers every year. After the last ice age period, the sea level rose for more over than 120 meters and created current Zrmanja river flow into an estuary.  Right in that part of the canyon, near the bottom of the riverbed there is a layer of the seawater which provides a rich and diverse habitat for various  aquatic plants and animal species making it an important and sensitive ecosystem. You can choose between taking a boat ride on Zrmanja river, rafting down the river, or even relaxing in the local household, all while enjoying an astonishing view of the Canyon.

Izvor: http://www.zadar.hr/hr/zrmanja-river-canyon/